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Squirrelwolf book of short stories by writer Nikola Kitanovic

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Squirrelwolf is a unique and extraordinary creative project, which comprises different arts, different views on the contemporary world, on the world of arts, on the actual human existence today. This exciting venture has been inspired by the book of short prose written by Mr Nikola Kitanovic, and it is now built up with impressions – verbal and visual – of the people that we have invited to join us. In this way, a new book is being created, and within that new book the stories of Mr Kitanovic are in continuous interaction with the impressions of the other creative people from various cultures and different countries. You can read more about that in the section ABOUT.

Some of you will have fun, some will try to discover new areas of creative expression, some will give their own response to this project… But we believe that you will not be indifferent and that you will have a good reason to keep visiting this website and, perhaps, to read the book once it gets published.

         With Love and Respect, Squirrelwolf Team

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