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Squirrelwolf book of short stories by writer Nikola Kitanovic

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The Squirrelwolf, artwork by Nikola Kitanovic



Parallel Worlds – The Squirrelwolf by Nikola Kitanovic

The SYMBOLISM OF THE TITLE and the dual structure of lyricism and reality – “sorrow and a bird”, “emptiness and madness”, “shadows and oblivion” – have induced me to mark myself by taking part in the world of overlapping and crosscutting consciousness in this prose.

Objectivity in the subjective being of creation, ethical-esthetical complementarities and the Reality of experience in the Being of knowledge – those are the questions that arise after reading of this prose, and it is evident that for Mr Kitanovic these questions are not simply a way of stepping into “an adventure of internal fluid meditations”, but rather a way of coexistence with the real world of facts that are constituting that fluidity as such.

Eliminating the soul, as an element of emotional experience, Mr Kitanovic is searching for the essence of the spiritual through carnality (a specific EROTICON) whose form he seems to know thoroughly. Another critic said, about his novel “NN Person”: It is about that something which is creating the feeling of fullness and richness of the earthly life.

Thus, in this book, Mr Kitanovic is celebrating LIFE.

Such an approach, derived from paradoxical and oxymoronic “I”, is structuring the text and deflowering the sense of the prose.
That is the point where the strict standard of the literary art is going beyond the established codex and the author identifies with his experience.
The EVENT of Mr Kitanovic, explained in empirical-narrative simple semantics, is made of pure and free thought ... a parallel between the Experience and the need to dive into exploration of complex “cases of mind”.

Anyhow, to my poor self this prose has set coordinates for a better understanding of the contemporary world and the man in the contemporary world, for which I remain grateful, with love and respect.

                     Drago Cingel, 29/09/2011

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